Our school started teaching and education in ‘Electrics’ and ‘Computerized Accounting and Tax Practise’ programs as a part of Süleyman Demirel University in the public library service building of Gölhisar in 1999-2000 academic year. It had its own building in a short time and the number of programs increased concordantly. Our school was connected to Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, a new-founded university, on March 1, 2006, with the Decree-Law no 5467.

Our school which has an education of associate degree level and completed its development in a short time has had 14 programs in total in 2013-2014 academic year. It has 4000 m2 closed area and 550 m2 open area for social facilities. 14 programs are currently open and education goes on in 8 of them. Our school which has 20 classrooms, 7 labs, 1 internet-enabled workshop hall, 1 conference hall and 1 lecture hall has taken its position in our town as a modern educational institution.

Our students get practical skills effectively during their study period thanks to our labs in addition to all theoretical knowledge that they will need in their whole life. Planting works have been done in some parts of 50.000 m2 area of our school, about 4000 m2 area has been grassed and illuminated and landscaping and gardening have been completed mostly.

A basketball and a volleyball court have been enclosed with plastic veneer wire mesh and illuminated for our students’ social, cultural and sport activities and a fitness centre has been come into use. So, it is aimed to have not only educational but also social and cultural activities in order to let our students be successful in the business world that they will be in the future in competitive conditions.

We aim to upskill our students according to this age’s conditions with social, cultural and sport activities. It is one of our main aims that we give our students opportunities to become members improving themselves consistently.

It is our aim to train high-grade intermediate members
that stay loyal to Atatürk’s principles and reforms,
that can produce universal knowledge and technology,
that have the knowledge and skills in the standards of business world needs and requirements of vocational and technical training,
that are aware towards artistic, cultural and sport activities
and to provide a modern educational environment.

To be a school promoting teamwork and finding solutions for the problems  of our town and region in the light of scientific thoughts with a participative and sharing administration.
To be an educational institution having a cooperation of university-industry-society, having the knowledge and skills that include the requirements of modern vocational-technical training, following the technological and scientific developments.